“Singing Neil Young can be really hard.”

“A lot of people say I destroy him!” Lead actress Nathalia Acevedo discusses the challenges faced when performing Neil Young’s It’s A Dream in a pivotal scene in Post Tenebras Lux.

And for those who want to sing along themselves…


“It became enjoyable.” Nathalia Acevedo discusses the filming of the bathhouse scene

Still image from Post Tenebras Lux

An important facet of Carlos Reygadas’ work is his frank depiction of sexuality onscreen.  In Post Tenebras Lux this is most evident in a scene where Juan (Adolfo Jiménez Castro) and his wife Natalia (Nathalia Acevedo) visit an orgy in a Belgian bathhouse.  Here Acevedo discusses the process of making the bathhouse scene from her perspective.

On starting and preparing. Video interviews with actress Nathalia Acevedo

Nathalia Acevedo makes her startling acting debut in Post Tenebras Lux.  Here she speaks of how she came to the film, and the preparation involved.

“The film is also about a woman and mother, played by Nathalia Acevedo. As Reygadas traces the shadows and ripples of one wealthy family’s possible lives, Acevedo is the heart and anchor both of the movie and the quartet at its core. In a lush, verdant Mexican jungle, she presides over their modern yet organic home with poise and sophistication, at once vulnerable and protected.” – Livia Bloom

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