To complement the UK theatrical release of Post Tenebras Lux on 22 March, After cinema words / Post cinematographico verba is a month-long online project to open up a conversation about the work of Carlos Reygadas and his contribution to film culture.

We have invited a number of cinephiles to contribute, by sending them an image from one of the director’s feature films, and asked them to creatively respond in any way they wish. The only restriction is to use up to 600 words, or 6 images, or a short audio or video clip, and contributions may take the form of a sketch, a poem, a lyric, a photo – any form they wish.  We will be posting these responses online here throughout March 2013.

Interspersed will be video interviews recorded with Carlos Reygadas and actress Nathalia Acevedo about the themes and process of making Post Tenebras Lux.  Plus various links of interest to the director’s work that we collect along the way.

Comments will remain open and if you wish to contribute a response please contact Kate Taylor on kate [at] independentcinemaoffice [dot] org [dot] uk

After Cinema Words is an Independent Cinema Office project.  Find dates and locations where Post Tenebras Lux is screening in cinemas across the UK here.

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