Welcome to After Cinema Words

Post Tenebras Lux poster arrives

Welcome indeed!

If you haven’t already, then I suggest you get yourself over to the About Page for a full rundown on the project and what will be filling this site over the course of March 2013.  But for now here is a little rationale on After cinema words / Post cinematographico verba and an invitation for your cinephile eyes.

When we first saw Post Tenebras Lux we were struck by that sensation of witnessing something that might change our relationship with cinema.  Something definitely not easy to put into words.

At Cannes the film proved divisive, perhaps more so than Carlos Reygadas’ previous films, less for its violence or eroticism, both familiar touchpoints in his work, but most often for its non-linear structure; what some audiences felt exhilarated by, others found confounding to the point of taking offense.  Yet Reygadas flew home with the festival’s Best Director prize.

As with Japón, Battle In Heaven and Silent Light, Post Tenebras Lux may be absorbed immediately – for it is surely visceral – but it takes some time, and perspective, to articulate. So we invited several programmers, writers and filmmakers with an affinity for the director’s work to contribute a short creative response.  Each contributor has been sent a still image from a film of their choice which they can then riff on, allude to or ignore completely in the formation of some truth about Reygadas’ cinema.

Necessarily kaleidoscopic, it will not be surprising if some responses are intensely personal.  Maybe our respondents will tease out the themes of nature, love, class, violence, patriarchy, religion, sex, and rugby.  Or perhaps their creative urges will take them in a different direction.  It will certainly not give a viewer the coordinates to ‘understand the films’, but will hopefully contain enough of the pleasures of the viewing experience that you want to go and watch them!

We’d like to thank the contributors, who have been mightily generous with their time and thoughts, and we hope that you will join us by visiting the site over the coming month to encounter their work, and comment with your own responses.  Post tenebras lux, after darkness light, post cinematographico verba, after cinema words, images, sounds, sensations…

Kate Taylor, Independent Cinema Office


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